A Small Lush Haul

From a young age, I remember my mom relaxing in deep bubble baths, her nose buried in whichever Stephen King novel she was re-reading that week. As I am my mother’s daughter, oftentimes I could be found reading a book of my own in a much smaller bathtub across the house. Needless to say, bath time has always been an important part of my life and when we moved into our new rental, I was pleased to find a bigger-than-normal bathtub.

I recently went into a Lush for the first time and was instantly smitten.The wood tones and tile were like something straight out of my dream home, the amazing smells hit me from every direction, and the customer service was incredible (shout out to Sammie!).

Sammie demo’d a bath bomb for a group of us and then brought me over to the skin care section and washed my hands with something crazy good that left my skin oh-so-soft. I asked her what bomb was her favorite and she recommended Twilight, which she claims will put me straight to sleep. With lavender oil and tonka in its fresh ingredients list, I wouldn’t be surprised. I also chose Sakura because I was drawn to its specks of color and it smells amazing with hints of mimosa, jasmine, and cherry blossom.

The Yellow Submarine is one of my favorite movies and when I saw this little bomb, I couldn’t pass it up. It has notes of Brazilian orange, lemongrass, and Coriander and supposedly does a little chug across your bathtub before fizzling away. I’m excited to be able to unwind, add some bubbles to a hot bath, and plop one of these guys in to make the water colorful and delicious. My first visit to Lush definitely won’t be my last!

What’s your favorite item from Lush? I’m going to try something skin care related next!

2 thoughts on “A Small Lush Haul

  1. Thanks for the info! I’ve seen this product advertised, but was reluctant to try them. Your description of the fragrances makes me want to go in and sample smell them all! Now I just got to find a good novel!

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